Ceramic 0459 商品名 パリ窯プレート&コンポートセット Price : \ 420,000
年代 : C.1860年 / パリ    Size : W 233mm (Plate), W 223mm×H 50mm (Compote)

It is a set of 5 plates and 2 compotes set of Paris kiln. The blue royal border and the plate and compote decorated with gold edging are decorated with a lovely border pattern in which various flower garland patterns and shell patterns are alternately drawn. In addition, the crest and Latin decree written in the center of the plate and compote are drawn as if they were raised in white porcelain. A low compote is an excellent item that enhances some dessert arrangements into a gorgeous dessert setting? Together with it, it is ideal for table centerline decorations. Thiaucourd *Introduced on page 13 of "Life with antique silver".